Brain Injury Lawyers FAQs

A brain injury can have devastating consequences. When someone else’s negligence results in a drastic injury like this, the victim or his family will want to know their legal rights to a fair compensation. Below are just a few of the most common and frequently asked questions that an experienced brain injury lawyer will be asked.

What are the symptoms of a brain injury?

Even though a brain injury lawyer is not a medical professional, they are well versed in the symptoms of a brain injury. Some symptoms are obvious of course, such as a concussion or dizziness, but there are some less obvious symptoms you should watch for. For instance, loss of sight, hearing, taste or smell can
be a subtle symptom of a brain injury. The patient’s doctor can explain in further detail about what to watch for.

What causes brain injuries?

A brain injury can be caused by a sudden blow to the head. This kind of head trauma can even result in death and is in fact, the leading cause of death for people who are under the age of 45. Most brain injuries occur because of car or motorcycle accidents. However, you can fall and hit your head and suffer
a brain injury too. There are other events that can occur to cause such an injury, such as an accident that happens on a construction site or some other kind of work related accident.

Can a baby be born with a brain injury?

Infant brain injuries happen sometimes when forceps are used to aid in the delivery of a baby. Hypoxia can also cause a traumatic brain injury in a baby. Hypoxia can occur if the infant suffers a lack of oxygen to the brain during delivery. Sometimes the umbilical cord is wrapped around the neck, cutting of
oxygen and an emergency C-section needs to be performed. If the emergency C-section is not allowed in time for various reasons, the hospital can be held liable for it. A brain injury lawyer can be contacted and a lawsuit filed on behalf of the infant and the parents. When you contact a brain injury lawyer they can
go over the medical facts to see if a lawsuit is warranted.

What is shaken baby syndrome?

This is when a young child suffers brain injury due to the result of being severely shaken by someone. A young child’s nerves in the neck and spinal column can be damaged and the brain badly bruised if they are severely shaken by an adult who is frustrated because of their crying, etc. This kind of brain injury is
irreversible and often leads to death.

What about lead poisoning? Can it cause brain injury?

The sad fact of the matter is that a large number of children suffer this kind of injury every year due to exposure to lead at an early age. Brain injury as the result of lead poisoning may be irreversible. Always keep children away from products containing lead.

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